Book Review: Monstrumfuhrer

The European Review of Speculative Fiction

European Review of Speculative Fiction

Andor Bochenkov

Title: Monstrumfuhrer

Author: Edward M Erdelac

Sometimes there’s a literary conceit that seems obvious but has never been done before: Pride, Prejudice, and Zombies or Iron Sky, the Nazis hiding on the moon. Edward M Erdelac takes the Frankenstein myth and imagines the Nazis under Joseph Mengele gained access to reanimating the dead. A novel about Nazi undead supersoldiers could have been a rousing B movie style pulp adventure. This is not that book. This is a soul rending Holocaust narrative meticulously researched where the body horror and desecration of Frankenstein are echoed and amplified by the reality of Nazi atrocities at Auschwitz. Monstrumfuhrer uses the justifiably grotesque process of violently raising the unwilling dead to play out the visceral cruelty and unthinkable debasement of real-life death camps.

Erdelac raises Auschwitz from the lonely bones of its present state to the living breathing…

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