Is To Wish To Be Wrong?

Daniel Kemp

To not live alone and be apart

To welcome love and share a heart

To take a blow without complaint

To offer peace without constraint.

To be pure when morals scream

To only see the beauty in all you dream

To show compassion to those in need

To be content with no thought of greed.

To wish for nothing and ask for less

To live a life without duress

To offer silence in a raging storm

To be yourself and not conform.

To accept the pitfalls along your path

To smile and always be willing to laugh

To see the good where others see bad

To be happy and never be sad.

To be complete with love to spare

To live in colour where nothing’s bare

To encourage and abide

To be humble and not full of pride.

To wish that fear could always abate

To offer friendship and speak…

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