Interview with Simon Critchelle

Stitched Smile Publications

Today we’re going to be chatting
with Simon Critchell, co-author of 21:24.

Hello Simon, thanks for taking time out to engage with the fans and readers. For those who have not read 21:24, you may want to catch up so you know what’s going on. We don’t want anyone upset about spoilers!

Q1: First, for anyone who is interested in picking up the book, can you tell us where the title and idea for 21:24 came from?

The book has its roots in the idea of poetic justice. I have a general frustration with how justice looks around the world and am often horrified by stories I see of people either getting away with murder (and various other horrific crimes) or being wrongly accused and/or stitched up for the same. My co-author, Jason, and I first connected following the case of The West Memphis Three. So that was a quite…

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