Hollow Creek (2016)


vt Haunting in Hollow Creek
US / 116 minutes / color / Newfoundland, First Edge, FilmRise, Cinematic Dir & Pr: Guisela Moro Scr: Guisela Moro, Steve Daron Cine: Jon Schellenger Cast: Steve Daron, Guisela Moro, Dave Ausem, Tony Reichert, Alyn Darnay, Earleen Carey, Steve Alberts, Michael Varde, Anthony Boggs, Burt Reynolds, Rick Gennaro, Ty Eller, Riley Darwin Whelan, Alan Myles Heyman, Steven Mairano, Tina Pfeiffer, Jeffrey Growe, J. Kelly Dennehy, Connor Schellenger, Brandy.

An intriguing piece of rural noir with just a soupçon of the supernatural to add flavor to the mix, this was among the last movies to feature Burt Reynolds (albeit in not much more than a bit part).

Horror novelist Blake Blackman (Daron) is behind with his latest novel, so accepts the offer of his editor, Sherman Rogers (Gennaro), to lend him the latter’s shack near the small town of Castle Rock, Wyoming County, West Virginia, until…

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