The Wizard of Gore – The Dungeon Review!


Friday night we watched The Wizard of Gore. It is a remake of the 1970 film directed by Herschell Gordon Lewis. I have included the film trailer for your review. Read below to see what the Dungeon thought of this film.

wizard-of-gore-poster-21The action revolves around maniacal magician Montag. Each Night he hosts a show where he gleefully slaughters a woman in the audience in a horribly graphic and nasty way. He then closes the act with the girls returning to the stage unharmed. Enter the newspaper journalist and his girlfriend who stumble upon the show one summers eve. The journalist is mystified and attends again the next night. When he learns that one of the girls from the show has turned up dead he is impelled to attend once more. He quickly becomes obsessed, attending shows nightly. With each viewing his sanity disintegrates. This character suffers from a series of…

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